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The BLUE FALCON is a magical creature, a rare beast that soars high above the rest. This FALCON takes flight on wings of pure rock n' roll bliss, and feels no fear of death. His mighty claws are bared, but he is merciful and rewards those who are ready to rock. 

BLUE FALCON was realized and "channeled" by the mere mortal, John Viviani of Rochester, New York. John's long immersion in the arts of music, first through guitar at age five, and on to performing all over New York and beyond with bands including his brainchild, FILTHY FUNK, led to an interest in singing and songwriting. Soon after John came into direct contact with the FALCON.

The FALCON appeared to him in a burst of light-energy and told him to reunite with his friend, Ben Stephanus, a fellow master musician and bassist, to bring forth a style of rock and roll based firmly in the soul. John took up this task, not lightly, as it was warned by the FALCON that any kind of half-stepping would result in a withdrawal of his magical creative energies. 

Not wanting to disappoint the magical anointing of this glorious entity, John took guitar in hand, put pen to paper, and has continued to work towards sharing the best music possible with the world, and the greater cosmos. It is important to not fail the FALCON, and from all accounts, the BLUE FALCON is quite pleased with the band's most recent album, "FULL FLIGHT." 

Enjoy your flight with BLUE FALCON.



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